So, who is Alex?

I come from Bulgaria, but for some years now I’ve been living in Berlin, Germany.

Vegetarian for more than 7 years now (actually 7 1/2) with a vegan transitioning mind.

I love mountains and I think about mountains maybe more than 50% of my wake-up-time. Many of the things that inspire me in life are connected with mountains, mountain life, mountain landscape, or even mountain music. I have an unsuccessful try to climb(hike) Mt. Elbrus (gave up at around 5300m) and that’s the highest I’ve ever been.

Combining with mountain love is the love of travel – The Earth is  huge place and life is just too short. So many places, known, unknown, touristy or not-too-touristy – got to see them all…. maybe.

A tech-gadget person, connected to this by my profession of choice – I’ve been Software Quality Assurance Engineer now for around 7 years now, and before that I’ve also been in IT for 4 more, so latest tech-toys are an interest, that I admit I have. I don’t always buy them, not even often – but I like informing myself and playing with them here and there.


Some contacts to those, interested:


Facebook: technobeast

Skype: technobeast

email: alex (AT) technobeast.net

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