Are runners friendly?

I’ve always wondered if there is some kind of running ‘code’ – you’re running early in the morning, somewhere along you meet a fellow runner, you nod, you smile…. somehow makes the whole experience more encouraging and friendly.  This has not happened to me often, but lately I’ve been greeted on a number of occasions, which has seriously motivated me to push a bit more at this very moment 🙂 I will continue monitoring people’s faces and expressions next times too – hoping to see more friendliness and not the “I’m the star, don’t bother me” attitude.

More positive – Spring is finally “springing”. Good weather, a bit more sun! Hurray!


Vegetarian vs. Vegan Life

I’ve been vegetarian for the last 7 1/2 years.

For these years I’ve had two very weird 30 days vegan trials. The reasons for them were mostly curiosity and ethic. I’ve seen hen lair houses from inside and didn’t like the view, to be honest. So I’ve tried – but I missed yoghurt, but I missed cheese. And after 30 days – back to the lacto-ovo life.

Now with life in Germany the access to bigger variety of foods in the ‘vegan section’ has increased a lot. Plant-based milk substitutes have already replaced milk in my everyday diet, I even don’t miss yoghurt. What’s left is eggs and cheese. Eggs is something that I consume a lot – mostly due to the (I guess) thinking of “I need to get my protein”. But a couple months into a change of healthier eating, this is no longer true… maybe. Protein is in a delicious spinach, in lentils, in beans, in quinoa, in lovely tempeh. So they can easily be gone and one can become vegan (again, almost – I don’t know how to address honey, that I consume here and there).

Vegan lifestyle sounds very tempting, very nice. Peaceful. In the end it’s not the easiest, due to modern society. Visits to friends, people that eat meat turn into discussions against you and your thinking. Or at least an embarrassing outsider feeling. You’re being laughed at, offered steaks and meat all the time (from friends, even). How should a person, that has once been eating meat, address these? I think I’ll try to discover it in the next months – with a transitioning phase where I shouldn’t be so strict and accept occasional egg/dairy dish. But my mind is definitely heading towards being vegan.

7 months

That’s almost the time I’ve forgotten about this blog.


No idea, honestly. I’ve often wished to write about my favorite routines, places that fascinated me (so many gathered now in my head), the thoughts in my head (oh, man, it’s like a big noisy house there). In the end, as I can see, not the result I have. Hope this will change!


September 2012–Bulgarian mountains

September was the time when we decided to take a small vacation to visit Bulgaria for two weeks. This is also when my brother came back from USA with his daughter and Moni came from Cyprus with his girlfriend. So why not make a small mountain trip. The choice was Mazalat hut – a well known rest-place for us. So we took my father, Dido and all of us went for three days in Stara planina.

Three very nice days with mostly rest, just a tight bit of hikes around and many beers. Well spent Smile

All of us in front of Mazalat hut

Above is one picture. Clicking on it links to the full Picasa album with more Smile

First official run–10 k, Berlin Airport Run

It’s been already some time, but I’m not exactly the most regular, so:

2012-04-22 11.26.45

The 6th Berlin Airport Run – 22 April, 2012. Official Half-marathon but with a 10k option. Option which I chose for the first ever event like that for me.

It was nice to prepare with a goal. You know you have to do 10k, no more, no less. 10 kilometers and you only have to beat yourself. I did it, at least – 1:02:13 race time. So far, so good. What I didn’t think is that there are going to be so many people – I don’t really know how many thousands there were. You run on the track and you really hear the multiple drums that other’s shoes and the track were improvising. Very nice. You finish and by some accident your finish is matching with the one of the fastest half-marathoners. People applaud them, but you feel proud. You run faster. Smile 

I finished and even forgot to stop my watch – had to kiss my girl first. She was there, right after the finish line waiting for me.

Let’s see what is next

Running with Runkeeper

Geeky? I don’t think so. I just like gadgets and having a smartphone is just a pre-text to put on of these – run tracking apps. I chose Runkeeper – not a bad app. But if I have the needed finances one day – I will fully go for a GPS watch. At least from what I see – Runkeeper makes my runs ‘curly’. In the end I wonder if I really did like that.


As from what I read over the Internet – GPS receivers of smartphones might not be that good as of the dedicated GPS watches. I hope it’s true. Some day I will do the next step of gadget-ness Smile